Experience:25 Years

Ashley Hill

Black Belt


Ashley started training in Shotokan Karate as a child in England within the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB). On moving to Ireland she continued training under Kawasoe Masao Sensei within the United Kingdom Traditional Karate Federation (UKTKF). She achieved 1st Dan black belt in 2004, 2nd Dan in 2007 and 3rd Dan in 2010 under Kawasoe Sensei. During her time within the UKTKF she competed both nationally and internationally representing Northern Ireland. At the cadet level she won the UK National Championships for both Kata and Kumite in 2005 as well as winning gold in the Team Kata event in 2004. Upon turning senior she decided to specialise in competing in Kata. Within the Senior Ladies Kata event at the UK Championships she placed on the podium every year and won the event in 2011. In 2015 she was selected to represent Northern Ireland at the Afro-Eurasia Championships held in Milan where she placed 5th in Individual Ladies Kata. During her time within the UKTKF she attended many training courses in Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany and Norway.

In 2016 Ashley attended the Japan Karate Association (JKA) Spring Gasshuku in Tokyo, Japan. Following on from this world renowned course she made the decision to move to the JKA as a full member joining JKA Ireland headed by Noel Casey Sensei. Within JKA Ireland Ashley was selected onto the Irish squad and represented Ireland at the 2017 JKA European Championships in Sittard, Netherlands where she made the Quarterfinals in the Ladies Kata event. She also competed in Kata at the 2017 JKA World Championships in Limerick, Ireland. In 2017 she also made the decision to ratify her 3rd Dan grade with the JKA which she passed under Imamura Sensei and Naka Sensei at the 2017 World Championships Gasshuku in Limerick. Ashley travelled to Japan in 2012 and has returned annually since 2014 in order to maintain regular training at the JKA Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. Here she has had the opportunity to train under the top JKA instructors as well as taking a number of classes with Naka Sensei at his own dojo in Bunkyo.

Ashley taught for 14 years within Samurai SKC as a club instructor taking many students through to black belt level. She is now part of the JKA Belfast club as an instructor and a JKA licensed referee.